19.05.2022Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam

Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop Ensemble Clavier et Souris

TZS 75 000


Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop Ensemble Clavier et Souris Bluetooth pour PC, mac, Tablette Compatible Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Clavier Français AZERTY, Gris Glacier. Keyboard na Mouse vyote ni vipya boxed. Bei ni Tshs. 75,000 Call /WhatsApp : +255-713-53-53-06 Insta : mbm_accessories Location : Mwananyamala Komakoma - Dar es Salaam MBM Accessories Opposite na C.B.E Makole - Dodoma Slim, modern design at an exceptional value Precise navigation The Microsoft Bluetooth® Mouse allows you to work across documents and websites with a dedicated scroll wheel. Featuring three buttons—left, middle, and right. Built-in shortcuts search, emojis Fast tracking sensor Be productive on the move with smooth tracking on most surfaces. A new way to capture your screen Say goodbye to multi-key combinations and use the built-in Snipping key to capture what you need quickly and efficiently. Connects wirelessly Connect to your Windows laptop via Bluetooth.

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