How to buy on Kupatana


Kupatana is a leading online marketplace in Tanzania. As our traffic and content grows, so do potential risk of being scammed by ill meaning individuals. The following guidelines are meant to reduce that risk when buying from a seller on Kupatana. Please note that this guide is not meant as a safety guarantee.


  1. Initiate the first call to check whether the item is still available and within your area of reach. Additional information you might also ask at this stage include.
    1. The condition of the item.
    2. How long has it been in/out of service.
    3. Whether they are the owner or they are middlemen/agents of the owner
    4. Whether the price indicated is negotiable. Most times it is.


      Expected outcome: If you are satisfied with the answers from above, make an appointment with the seller to go and inspect the item.
  2. Inspect the item before buying.
    1. Arrange to meet the seller in a public place during daylight hours.
    2. Do not carry, or appear to be carrying, cash.
    3. If it is a mechanical item, e.g. a car or machine, it is good practice to have a trusted mechanic do the inspection for you.
    4. WAvoid being over enthusiastic of the item. Experienced sellers can detect this and use it against you when negotiating the price.
    5. At this stage, and if satisfied, ask to see ownership documents if it’s a car, real estate or any other item that requires ownership registration. We encourage you to observe due diligence and only proceed with the sale process when done.
  3. Make your offer.
    1. Remember, you have other options on Kupatana. This should give you more bargaining power.
    2. If the offer is accepted, proceed but remember, carrying cash is always risky. Ideal method would be a bank transfer or mobile money.
    3. If the item is a car or real estate or other item that requires ownership registration, it is advised to sign a legal ownership transfer agreement before making any payment whereby it will set out the specifics of how payment is to be done.
    4. Note 1. Be extra careful when buying used items. Always obtain a fiscal receipt indicating the exact amount you paid.
    5. Note 2. Mobile phones sim cards require biometric registration before they can be used.