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Jakemy JM-8160, Precision Screw Driver Set with Flexible Shaft and Socket, 33 in 1 Tools Kit, Pack of 1

TZS 65 000




Jakemy JM-8160, 33 in 1 repair kit comes with Tweezer, Extension road, Anti – slip handle, Flexible extension bar and 29 different bits. Jakemy JM-8160 have 1.5 and Y0.8 screwdriver set special for repair for iphone 7 Bits are made of chrome-vanadium (CR-V) steel, offer durability and corrosion-resistant performance, CR-V is also used in high stress metal parts in the machines. Non-slip rubber designed handle for better and convenient Handling A flexible shaft is included, which is great for stereo work as well as other large electronics where the screws are in depth

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