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ProstatRelax Capsules The New Form for Men What is BF Suma ProstatRelax Capsules Epimedium extract? Epimedium extract, also known as Horny Goat Weed, is a aphrodisiac supplement and herbal sexual performance enhancer It has a long history of traditional use in China for the alleviation of erectile dysfunction and for improving libido and fertility. #Health Benefits of ProstatRelax Capsules Epimedium Extract 1.Prevent prostate enlargement by antagonizing P.E.R receptor 2.Reduce various urinary symptoms such as frequent urinations, Urinary urgency and urinary dribbling 3.Maintain balance of the entire uro-genital system and reduce urinary dysfunction 4.Maintain healthy prostate 5.Enhance sexual performance 6.Polysaccharide improves urinary symptoms 7.Promotes reproductive health through immune modulation 8.Powerful antioxidant and anti-aging effect inhibit and eliminate free radicals 9.Prevents the conversion of testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) DHT is the main cause of prostate enlargement 10.It Reduces enlargement of prostate gland (hypertrophy or hyperplasia) known medically as benign prostratic hyperplasia (BPIT) 11.It boosts immunity 12.Alleviate urge to urinate and inability to urinate or dribbling of urine 13.Good for impotence and sexual dysfunction 14.Reduces nocturia by strengthening the neck of the bladder 15.It treats inflamations of the prostate gland (Prostatics) 16.It kills bacteria, thus prevent urinary tract infections 17.It blocks some effect of testosterone thus reduce hair loss in men. 18.Good for male impotence 19.Good for strong and harder erection Alleviate pain or stiffness in lower back, hip or upper thighs Why BF Suma ProstatRelax Capsules Epimedium Extract? US Patent: Prostaep-I, our patented ingredients, is an ingredient whichcan help maintain prostate health and improve sexual performance efficiently.Product Superiority: More natural, easier absorption, higher concentration,more effective and safer Available at Arusha

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