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Product Information Battery Life: 20 minutes approx. Battery Type: Lithium-ion Brand: Easy Home Capacity: Dust: 450ml approx. Water: 80ml approx. Colour: Black/Blue, Silver/White Dimensions: 43.0 x 12.5 x 14.5cm approx. Material: Housing material: ABS Plastic Product Type: Vacuum Cleaners Rechargeable: Yes Wattage: 110W This powerful and versatile handheld mini vacuum cleaner is perfect for keeping your car and house spick and span. Suitable for vacuuming up dust - and small liquid spills too! Accessories Included 1x Wet nozzle for suctioning liquids 1x Crevice nozzle 1x Upholstery brush 1x Universal nozzle Washable permanent filter Charging base and charging adapter Wall mount/charging station (incl. storage for accessories) Charging adapter Features Lithium-ion technology Detachable battery power pack with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for a long life-time 4 LED lights mounted on the side for a better visibility in dark corners Adjustable suction head for hard to reach places Transparent dust container Efficient and intelligent charging system Charging stops automatically when battery is fully charged Operation time approx. 20 minutes when fully charged Suction power water column approx. 430mm (+/- 10%) Transparent dust container Charging control light Washable permanent filter Battery chargin


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