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What is in Refind Yunzhi Essence?   Yunzhi is a precious mushroom that research has shown can help seriously ill patients have a better chance of survival. Studies show it deters unwelcome cell replication and        alleviates side effects of clinical treatments such as mouth ulcers, vomiting and loss of appetite.      Health Benefits Of Refind Yunzhi Essence   1. Enhance immunity system   2. Improve energy and vitality   3. Enhance appetite and reduce illness   4. Increase the white blood cell and lymphocytes   5. Reduce chemotherapy side effect   6. Reduce pain during episode of serious immune challenge   7. Strong cancer treatment   8. Due to polysaccharide enhances cells growth   9. Good for malignant melanoma, metastatic cerebroma lung carcinoma, malignant lymphoma,   leukemia, esophagus carcinoma, mammary carcinoma and uterus carcinoma etc. more than 40 cancers.   10. Raises female libido and enhance orgasm   11. It is an anri-dysmenorrheal - cleanses and avoids painful or difficult menstruation.   12. Good for rheumatism   13. It maintains the strength and elasticity of the skin   14. And -aging   15. Strengthens the blood vessels   16. It is a post partum medication to help contract the birth canal   17. Regulates menstrual cycle   18. Improves blood circulation   19. Relieves excessive white discharge   20. Very good for candiasis   21. It fights hormonal imbalance thus very good for   menopausal syndromes   22. Good for dizziness   23. Regulates body temperatures   24. Prevents and cure gynecological problems    e.g. fibroids cysts etc   25. Multiplies white blood cells    Active ingredients   Yunzhi essence,   Polysaccharide   peptide-krestine,    psp-polysacharide-peptide     packaging   60s Capsules     Dosage    2x2 before meals Tunapatikana Arusha Dodoma Mwanza Mbeya Morogoro Moshi Na nk IPATE KWA OFA YA MSIMU HUU


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