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Jaguar power jel for men

TZS 95 000


Description ECI Long Lasting Erection Gel for men is essentially a 3-in-1 product. This is one item that enlarges, energizes, and enhances human phallus. If you want to derive maximum satisfaction by using one sex enhancement product, then this gel is the best choice. Sexuality in adult men suffers immensely because of unregulated lifestyle and unhealthy eating habit. This in turn adversely affects your sex desires and your love life. ECI Long-lasting Erection Gel offers immediate respite from such hopeless situations. Massaging your penis with this gel relaxes corpora cavernosa muscles present therein allowing free flowing of blood. Penile erection being a result of uninterrupted flowing of blood in these muscles is thus achieved by massaging this erection gel. Enhancement of your phallus is in the way of its dimensions. Erections are harder, firmer and longer lasting. For a fulfilling sex session, it is not only important to have a hard erection but also to sustain it for a considerable time. Premature ejaculation is a very common disease among adult males. Ejaculating early would not only dent your level of confidence, but also leave your lover dissatisfied. For an engrossing and climactic sexual experience it is important to satiate the sexual desires of your bed partner so that she craves for more. Ideally, ECI Long Lasting Erection Gel should be applied just before love making. In fact, massaging this gel could become an engrossing foreplay for both partners. Packing of this gel is in tubes of 50 gm. Yoga Chakra delivers this gel carefully such that its identity remains undisclosed till opening of its packing.

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