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Dr Cow

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DrCow Calcium Milk Candy A Milky Healthy Treat What is BF Suma DrCow Calcium Milk Candy? DrCow Calcium Milk Candy is a calcium supplement designed for children, of which the organic milk comes from New Zealand Mossworth Ranch. Milk is rich in natural Calcium which is usually used in Calcium supplement as it is easily absorbed with similar structure of the calcium in human. Health Benefits of DrCow Calcium Milk Candy 1. Increase resistance and immunity 2. Relieve malnutrition symptoms like growth retardation for juvenile, sweating and bed-wetting 3. Good for elderly/pregnant woman, lactating and menopausal women 4. Calcium deficiency which causes fractures, dysphasia and osteoporosis 5. Strengthens bones, muscles, nerves and cartilage contraction 6. Strengthens skeleton 7. Promote growth of teeth and prevent calcium loss 8. Supplement protein 9. Regulate normal function of heart, nerves, muscle and blood vessel 10. It enhances immunity. 11. Prevents migraine and bad breath. 12. Improves blood circulation. 13 Regulates blood pressure. 14. Helps in blood clotting. 15 Helps in burning fat. 16. Suitable for gastric and colon ulcers. 17. It's an alkaline, thus, it neutralizes acid in the body 18. Enhances respiratory system. 19. Contains immunogenic properties that can reduce allergic reaction on babies. 20 Insomnia. 21. Lumbago. 22 Loss of memory. 23 Arthritis. 24 General fatigue. 25. Kidney stones. 26 Dental problems. Why choose BF Suma DrCow Calcium Milk Candy? New Zealand Milk Source Gentle and natural , every four tablets equal to 200 ml fresh milk. Designed For Children Specifically Delicious milky flavour and cute cartoon shape welcomed by children. Call for your Oder Available at Arusha Dodoma Mwanza Mbeya Morogoro Dar es salaam Lind and etc


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