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The 8 Most Reliable Motorcycles You Can Buy

22/12/2016 Cars
Over the last 20 years, industrialization has transformed Tanzania. Motorcycles and automobiles used to only be available to the most privileged citizens. Motorcycles are much more affordable these days, so a growing number of people are buying them on Kupatana.   If you browse our...

The 8 Most Popular Motorcycles in Tanzania

22/09/2016 Cars
Motorcycles are becoming more popular in Tanzania, South Africa, and other African countries. Ajay Kumar, an analyst for The World Bank, recently released a white paper on the impact motorcycles are having throughout the continent.   You may want to invest in a motorcycle if you want to save...

5 Ways to Determine What Kind of Used Vehicle You Should Buy

12/07/2016 Cars
The vehicle ownership rate in Tanzania has risen significantly in recent years. According to the Tanzania Automobile Association, consumers purchase an average of 4,500 light vehicles every month.    While demand for vehicles is rapidly increasing, many customers still don't know what...

How to Navigate Used Car Classifieds in 6 Steps

11/06/2016 Cars
Many people successfully sell their used cars on Kupatana – we currently feature nearly 100,000 used vehicle listings on our site.    That’s good news for sellers and buyers alike. But it can take time to find the right vehicle. Things to Consider Before Starting Your...

10 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling Your Car Online

13/05/2016 Cars
If you’re trying to sell a vehicle online, you should be able to find plenty of buyers. An estimated 70% of all customers purchase cars used, so there is clearly a large market for them.    However, even if you are using a reputable Ecommerce platform such as Kupatana, you can...

10 Tips to Make Your Auto Ad More Appealing to Buyers

26/04/2016 Cars
The market for automobiles in Tanzania is growing rapidly. The Tanzania Revenue Authority reports that the number of registered vehicles rose nearly 70% between 2010 and 2011. Rising demand is making it easier for people to sell vehicles on Kupatana. How Can You Make Your Ad More...

How to Get the Best Deal Buying a Used Car Online

30/03/2016 Cars
Finding the right vehicle online can be a difficult endeavor, especially if you’re on a tight budget. You may find many sellers are asking for a higher price than you expected or can afford.    However, it's still possible to get a great deal on a used car. You just need to know...

How Can You Determine What Your Used Car is Worth?

03/03/2016 Cars
More advertisers list cars than any other product on Kupatana. We currently have 71,730 listings for cars. While many people have little trouble selling their vehicles, others get few offers because their asking prices are too high. If you hope to sell a car online, then you need to determine its...

The 10 Most Popular Cars in Tanzania

08/02/2016 Cars
Despite Tanzania’s fast-growing economy, only a small portion of Tanzanian citizens own a car. However, car ownership has begun rapidly increasing, and dealers are taking note of the cars most people like to own.   What are the most popular cars in Tanzania? Here is a top 10 list from...

How to Buy High-Quality Used Car Parts on a Budget

29/12/2015 Cars
Car ownership in Tanzania has increased significantly over the past few years. In 2010, Guinness World Records stated that there was only about one car per 1,000 citizens; today, there are over a million cars in Dar es Salaam alone. While many citizens are glad to own cars, they are discovering...

Looking for a Toyota Land Cruiser?

20/01/2015 Cars
On Kupatana we have lots of cars. One of them is the popular Toyota Land Cruiser. Kupatana has a large selection of new and used cars for sale in Tanzania. Both individuals and companies advertise their cars on kupatana. Today we have over 9000 vehicles for sale. Everything from cars like the...