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Kupatana News

The 8 Most Reliable Motorcycles You Can Buy

22/12/2016 Cars
Over the last 20 years, industrialization has transformed Tanzania. Motorcycles and automobiles used to only be available to the most privileged citizens. Motorcycles are much more affordable these days, so a growing number of people are buying them on Kupatana.   If you browse our...

Buying Land in Tanzania: 7 Things You Should Know

06/12/2016 Real Estate
Many people dream of owning their own property.    Landowners have much more freedom than people who rent property. They can build their own homes, grow their own crops, build a house to rent, and do a lot of other things that other Tanzanians cannot.    However, buying land...

How to Find Great Employees through the Classifieds

22/11/2016 Jobs
Good workers are hard to come by. Fortunately, advertising a job opening online makes it easier to connect with the right employees.   Classified ad sites such as Kupatana appear to be driving job growth, particularly in the informal sector. A recent article from The Citizen...

The 8 Most Popular Cameras in Tanzania

09/11/2016 Tips
Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Africa. We have some of the most majestic animals and landscapes within hundreds of miles of the African Great Lakes region. Most Tanzanians enjoy taking pictures of our beautiful country to share on social media and preserve their memories...

7 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Business Online

26/10/2016 Tips
Over the last few years, the internet has benefited businesses in Africa in unimaginable ways. A growing number of businesses are promoting their products and services online. A report from McKinsey & Company predicts that by 2025, 10% of all retail sales will be conducted over the...