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Kupatana News

Top 5 Most Popular Cars in Tanzania Right now

21/12/2019 Cars
Despite Tanzania’s fast-growing economy, only a small portion of Tanzanian citizens own a car. However, car ownership has begun rapidly increasing, and dealers are taking note of the cars most people like to own. What are the most popular cars in Tanzania? Here is a top...

How to Protect Yourself When Buying or Selling Online

21/12/2019 Tips
Sites like Kupatana have made it much easier for people to buy from and sell to other people in their area. Unfortunately, there are always a few bad apples that take advantage of others.   Many Tanzanians are worried about increasing crime rates. While 84% of people are worried about...

The Ultimate 10-Step to Guide You on Buying a Car Online

Car ownership is on the rise in Tanzania. Over the last decade, the number of light vehicles imported and registered surged, with an average of 4,500 purchased each month  This reflects the growing demand for automobiles throughout the country. However, many people don’t know what...

7 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Business Online

26/10/2016 Tips
Over the last few years, the internet has benefited businesses in Africa in unimaginable ways. A growing number of businesses are promoting their products and services online. A report from McKinsey & Company predicts that by 2025, 10% of all retail sales will be conducted over the...