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Kupatana News

Take precautions when buying online, here is what you need to do

04/12/2020 Tips
  As Tanzania continues to undergo digital transformation, trends such as buying and selling online are also continuing to grow and become part of our everyday life. And with that comes the threat to online safety. There are many people who are trying to scam you out of your money or steal...

Punguzo kwa wauzaji mtandao wa Kupatana

15/08/2020 News
Punguzo kwa wauzaji mtandao wa Kupatana kipindi cha Corona.   Kampuni maarufu ya Kupatana inayokutanisha wauzaji na wanunuzi wa bidhaa mtandaoni, imeamua kuunga mkono juhudi za serikali kuzuia maambukizi ya virusi vya Corona nchini.   Hili limekuja baada ya serikali kuchukua...

Simple Tips to sell fast on Kupatana

15/07/2020 Tips
These Simple Tips Will Make You Sell Fast On Kupatana   Many people have found success in their business through using Kupatana. These include private individuals and companies that list their products for sale on the platform. If you never used Kupatana before, then you have been...

Tanzania and the growing digital landscape

25/03/2020 News
  Tanzania and the growing digital landscape, what opportunities lay ahead? The number of internet users in Tanzania has jumped to 26 millions. A recent report revealed. This is an increase of 11.5% compared to 23 million of internet users recorded in the year 2018.   Now...
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