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12 Great Gifts You Can Find on Kupatana

23/02/2017 Tips
Many people use the internet to search for and purchase gifts for their loved ones. Since many advertisers use our platform, you can find a number of great presents on Kupatana.   If you are looking for gift ideas for a friend or family member, here are some you should consider. 1. Love...

The 12 Strangest Classified Ads Ever Posted

09/02/2017 Tips
Classified ads have been around for a long time. They were one of the most popular ways to advertise things before the internet existed.    Over the years, some ads that have been posted have been fairly unusual; some have been downright bizarre. Most are probably joke or prank ads, but...

8 Tips for Identifying Good Opportunities in Classified Ads

27/01/2017 Tips
The internet has completely changed the state of advertising in Tanzania. Since nearly 8 million Tanzanians are online, many merchants promote their goods and services on classified ad sites like Kupatana.   This has created many new opportunities for online consumers, such...

The 8 Most Reliable Motorcycles You Can Buy

22/12/2016 Cars
Over the last 20 years, industrialization has transformed Tanzania. Motorcycles and automobiles used to only be available to the most privileged citizens. Motorcycles are much more affordable these days, so a growing number of people are buying them on Kupatana.   If you browse our...