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Simple Tips to sell fast on Kupatana

15/07/2020 Tips

These Simple Tips Will Make You Sell Fast On Kupatana


Many people have found success in their business through using Kupatana. These include private individuals and companies that list their products for sale on the platform. If you never used Kupatana before, then you have been missing out on the 24/7 direct access to your customers.


Kupatana.com is a business goldmine. The secret, however, is how to use it. Whether you want to sell that mahogany table or to sell your car that is no longer in use, or just everything else these simple tips will help you attract more buyers to what you are trying to sell. If you cannot sell with these tips, then you are probably selling something that is not on the lookout. Let's dive in.


Use clear images

Ads with at least three clear images are more likely to attract buyers’ attention than

those with a dull single image. Here you can be creative by taking pictures from different

angles of your product. Don't use images downloaded somewhere else because people

will know.


Use real names or avoid suspicious names

Trust is the main concern of your buyers and if you don’t want to attract unwanted

suspicion, use your real name — two names are even better. Using childish nicknames will only scare people away from doing business with you.


Write precise product descriptions

This is very important. People who visit Kupatana know exactly what they are looking for. Make sure you are being as descriptive and as factual as possible. We both know that products like smartphones, computers, subwoofers and others come in different

editions, colors and so on. Be sure to give all the required information to let buyers know what you are trying to sell. This will help buyers when they are searching for a product like yours. Bad grammar will scare your buyers away.


Categorize your product correctly

There’s really no point in putting a car in the furniture category. Placing your product in the right category ensures that buyers can quickly find it when they are browsing. People looking for cars do not go to the furniture section. If you are putting it there hoping to find customers, well, you will not. Kupatana deletes miscategorized items straight away.


State your price

Failure to state your price will make you lose a potential buyer. People have a budget in

mind and they don't have time to call you asking for a price. Make sure it's there. This

helps buyers to research actual prices of products on the market and compare with your

prices. Stating your price helps Kupatana put your product in the right category and help

buyers when they filter search results according to prices. Those who include price information are 90x more likely to get sales while those who don't end up with none.


Another bonus tip; do not ask for payment before delivering your product to your

customers. Always be willing to meet your customer in a public place.


So you want to reach customers who are not around your neighborhood? Go ahead and

use Kupatana to your advantage. It takes only a minute to create an account and post

your first ad. Happy selling!

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