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12 Great Gifts You Can Find on Kupatana

23/02/2017 Tips

Many people use the internet to search for and purchase gifts for their loved ones. Since many advertisers use our platform, you can find a number of great presents on Kupatana.


If you are looking for gift ideas for a friend or family member, here are some you should consider.

1. Love Bracelet

A love bracelet is a great way to tell someone that you care about them. Many people buy matching love bracelets for themselves and a close friend or significant other. It’s a great way to show that you have a strong bond that will never be broken.


A number of advertisers sell love bracelets on Kupatana. Here are a couple of tips:


  •  Try to look for advertisers that are selling a pair of love bracelets, instead of just one. That way, you can both wear them together.
  •  See if you can find a love bracelet with charms that the gift recipient will like. Some love bracelets have dog charms on them, so they are great for animal lovers.


Love bracelets come in many different styles, so you should find something that the recipient will enjoy.

2. New Car


According to recent research from Deloitte, the African automobile market is growing rapidly, especially in Tanzania.


“Due to the rise of income levels in many African countries and the emergence of a middle class, Deloitte regards the continent as the final frontier for the global automotive industry. Given Africa’s population size and its positive economic outlook, automotive companies will be able to gain a competitive advantage by adopting a medium- to long-term view towards the continent…  As the regional gateway on account of the Port of Mombasa, 99.9% of Kenya’s automotive exports are to other African countries, with Uganda and Tanzania being the biggest markets.”


Since automobiles are fast becoming a household item, more Tanzanians will rely on them in the future. If a family member needs a car, you may want to purchase one for them on Kupatana.


Cars are still too expensive for many Tanzanians, but they are becoming much more affordable these days. You can find many great deals on Kupatana, especially from importers from Japan and other countries that operate on high economies of scale. Here are some great foreign manufacturers that frequently list products on Kupatana:


  •  Toyota
  •  Subaru
  •  Nissan
  •  Mitsubishi


You should be able to find some great deals if you look at a variety of listings.

3.     Smartphone


Demand for smartphones in Africa is also rising significantly. According to estimates by International Data Corporation (IDC), there were over 150 million smartphones in Africa by the end of 2015. That figure continues to rise every year.


As smartphones become more common in Tanzania and other neighboring countries, more people will feel pressured to purchase them. Fortunately, you can find a number of great smartphones on Kupatana.


One advertiser recently listed an iPhone 6 Plus for 300,000 TZS. You can probably find cheaper deals on older phones.

4.      Portable Wardrobe


If people have to travel a lot or move frequently, they can get very frustrated with having to move a lot of clothes. Fortunately, owning a portable wardrobe makes things a lot easier. It’s much lighter to transport than a large bureau.


Many of our advertisers are selling portable wardrobes. You can find them for as little as 80,000 TZS. These make a great gift for someone who plans to relocate in the near future or enjoys living a nomadic lifestyle.

5.      New Mattress


Sleeping on an old mattress can be very uncomfortable. It can also be very bad for your back and cause health problems if you can’t get enough sleep.


It’s a good idea to buy a new mattress at least once every ten years. If you keep it much longer, then a variety of problems will develop:


  •  It will start to lose its elasticity, so it won’t provide the support you need to get a decent night’s sleep.
  •  Dust will accumulate, which is bad for people’s health, especially if they have allergies. It will begin to smell and possibly give off harmful odors.


If someone close to you is sleeping on an old or damaged mattress, then you should consider buying them a new one. You can find new mattresses on Kupatana for 190,000 TZS or less. You may be able to find used ones for less, but make sure they are still in good condition first.

6.      Laptop


A computer is becoming a necessity in the 21st century. As the Tanzanian economy grows, new professions will emerge. Instead of working in agriculture and tourism, more people will be working in business development and IT-related fields.


Since computers are becoming so important, you may want to buy one for a friend or family member the next time you want to buy them a gift. We have seen advertisers list laptops for as little as 170 TZS, but the quality of those products may be questionable. However, it is realistic to purchase a decent laptop for 100,000 TZS, which is a great deal compared to other places that sell them.

7.      Remote Control Helicopter


Most of the products listed so far are intended for adults. However, many Kupatana advertisers also sell products that would be great for children.


A remote control helicopter is a great option. Here is an excerpt from an advertiser selling one:


“Micro type, only 50g. Stable in flight, flexible in action, simple structure, easy for maintainance. Unique feature of impact resistance, enable you to train your 3D skills at the lowest cost. Three independent digital servos, rapid in response and precise in action. Triaxial control system without aileron, fully-automatic in flight attitude correcting, giving you a feeling of better control.”

8.      Watch


In many Western countries, watches are practically obsolete, because people use their smartphones to tell time. While more Tanzanians are buying smartphones these days, watches are still a great gift for a couple of reasons:


  •  Smartphones are still too expensive for many people. Watches are much cheaper.
  •  Smartphone batteries tend to die after a couple of hours. If you are traveling long distances without access to an electrical outlet, you will still want to be able to tell the time. Having a watch is much better, since the batteries are more reliable.


You can find a lot of great watches on Kupatana. We have even seen advertisers sell Rolex watches for as little as 55,000 TZS. You won’t find luxury watches for that price on most other websites. Just be sure to verify authenticity.

9.      Dress


Do you have a female friend or family member who is wearing old, frayed clothes? You may want to buy them a new dress on Kupatana.


Many commercial advertisers sell dresses on our site, but they don’t always list prices. However, the advertisers will be happy to give you a price if you contact them. They may also be open to negotiation if you think prices are a bit too high.


Make sure you know the recipient’s size and personal style preferences beforehand. Dresses are usually a better gift for an intimate loved one unless the recipient specifically asked you to purchase a dress for them ahead of time, because clothing is very personal. 

10. Leather Shoes


Many people work in careers that have strict dress codes. They often require men to wear leather shoes.


Many of our commercial advertisers consistently list leather shoes. One of our advertisers sells pairs for a little over 110,000 TZS. Many advertisers also sell shoes in a variety of different colors, in case the recipient has a preference for black or brown.


If you’re buying gifts for a man who works in an office setting, you may want to ask them if they need any new shoes. You should be able to find a great pair of leather shoes for them on Kupatana.

11. Quadcopter Drone


Most people think drones are only used as military weapons, but they have a variety of other purposes as well. Many civilians purchase drones with cameras to take aerial photographs. Drones can also be very useful for transporting small loads across short distances.


You probably wouldn’t expect to find a drone on Kupatana, but we actually have a number of listings. Syma International, one of our premier advertisers, has a number of drone products for sale. One of them is a remote controlled quadcopter with an HD camera, which is equipped with two lithium batteries and a portable charging cable.


If you know someone who enjoys playing with gadgets, likes taking pictures, or needs to transport things around town, then you should look into buying one of them. A drone is a unique gift that they will enjoy for years to come!

12. Blender



A blender is a great gift for people who enjoy making smoothies or other concoctions that need to be thoroughly mixed. A number of our advertisers sell blenders, although they don’t always list prices. You will need to ask for pricing information if you are interested.