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The 8 Most Popular Motorcycles in Tanzania

22/09/2016 Cars

Motorcycles are becoming more popular in Tanzania, South Africa, and other African countries. Ajay Kumar, an analyst for The World Bank, recently released a white paper on the impact motorcycles are having throughout the continent.


You may want to invest in a motorcycle if you want to save money on fuel.  According to Kumar’s research, approximately 40% of all ride-sharers use motorcycles.


Some motorcycles have become very popular in recent years. Here are the eight best motorcycle models and makers in Tanzania.


1. Boxer 100 ES


According to a 2013 report from Business Standard, Bajaj Auto, the maker of the Boxer 100 ES, was the sixth most popular motorbike seller in Africa. The Indian-based motorcycle manufacturer subsequently wrote a press release that highlighted some its core benefits.


"The company is confident that the brand will appeal to the customers through its three primary qualities of reliability, ruggedness, and timely service,” Bajaj Auto wrote.


Bajaj Auto’s products have become even more popular in Tanzania in recent years. The company currently sells 22% of all motorcycles sold in Tanzania, but expects to nearly double its market share by next year.


"The launch of Boxer 100 ES is a strong demonstration of Bajaj's commitment to the Tanzanian market," Bajaj senior vice president (Africa) Mr. K.S. Grihapathy told The Citizen. "Now, Boxer will be available in two models of 100cc and that of 150cc engine options. Bajaj growth has been a fantastic journey and a great achievement in Tanzania. I remember we were selling about 100 items per month in 2012 but currently we sell around 2,500 per month. With this new edition which is about 20% fuel efficient, we wish to take our business to the next level.”


2.       TVS JIVE 110


TVS Motor is another Indian-based motorcycle company. It manufactures a number of great motorcycles, including the TVS JIVE 110. While these bikes are rarely sold in the United States or Europe, they are very popular in Tanzania and many other countries with emerging economies.


Here are some reasons the TVS JIVE 110 is in such high demand:


  •  It can come with automatic transmission. This is ideal for people living in Arusha and other mountainous parts of Tanzania, because they don’t have to shift gears on a steep hill.
  •  It has exceptional braking capacity.
  •  It handles sharp turns very well.
  •  It has a powerful four-stroke, 110cc engine.


The TVS JIVE 110 is known for its reliability and longevity. It’s a great motorcycle for people living in remote parts of Tanzania, since it doesn’t break down often.


The TVS JIVE 110 is also a very economical model. Most Tanzanians shouldn’t have trouble affording it.


3.       Suzuki SV650


Suzuki is one of the world’s most popular motorcycle manufacturers. It has a large customer base in the United States and the United Kingdom, but has recently started selling its bikes in Tanzania as well.


The Suzuki SV650 is one of the company’s best motorcycles. The bike was originally released in 1999, but Suzuki has recently improved on the original design.


Dirck Edge, a motorcycle expert who writes for Motorcycle Daily, has been reviewing Suzuki motorcycles for nearly 20 years. A few months ago, Edge wrote a piece on the new SV650.

He said that the original design was exceptional.


“Suzuki got so much right with the original SV650, but most important were the 90° v-twin engine and the stiff, lightweight frame that allowed riders to push performance levels as high as they dare,” he wrote.


While the original model was already excellent, Edge points out that the new design is a major improvement. He noted that the SV650 has less friction and better engine efficiency.


The new model is great for people living in large cities. Since the bike has less friction than other motorcycles, it tends to be much more fuel efficient.


4.       TVS Apache RTR 180


The TVS Apache RTR 180 is another great bike from TVS Motor. It is slightly more expensive than the TVS JIVE 110, but has exceptional power and dependability. It has a very powerful 180cc four-stroke engine and exceptional torque, so it runs smoothly on even the most challenging terrain.


The TVS Apache RTR 180 has received great reviews from experts around the world. ZigWheels, a website managed by a number of automotive experts, has given it a stellar review. They said that the bike has great handling and can change RPMs easily.


ZigWheels claims that some riders have experienced uncomfortable vibrations riding at higher RPMs, but this is primarily due to driving at high speeds in rural areas. The experience is usually much smoother in the city.


If you feel that other motorcycles lack power, then you may want to invest in the TVS Apache RTR 180. It’s one of the most powerful motorcycles available, so you won’t be disappointed.


5.       Honda PCX 125


The Honda PCX 125 is another very reliable bike. That’s hardly surprising, because Honda’s motorcycles have always been known for their exceptional handling and dependability.


Here are some of the specifications for the Honda PCX 125:


  •  It has a 125cc engine. While this may not be powerful enough for people living in steep terrain, it’s perfect for those living on level ground.
  •  The bike has excellent fuel efficiency. If you are traveling in the city or on level terrain, you can usually get about 50 kilometers per liter.
  •  The vehicle has great aesthetics, including a beautiful silver exterior.


There are many great reasons to invest in a Honda PCX 125, but fuel efficiency is at the top of the list. According to a review from Motorcycle News, the Honda PCX 125 is “the first ever two-wheeler to feature a fuel-saving idle stop system.”


6.       Indian Scout Sixty


The Indian motorcycle brand is manufactured by Polaris Industries. The Indian Scout Sixty is one of its newest models.


Steven Menneto, President of Motorcycles for Polaris, said there are a number of reasons the new bike is so popular.


“Through 30 years of countless innovations, racing wins, world records and industry firsts, the Scout earned its reputation as a versatile, multi-faceted bike that appealed to just about every rider and every riding style, with superior handling, balance, performance and craftsmanship,” Menneto said. “Our designers and engineers have taken that heritage and those characteristics and fused them into the 2015 Indian Scout. We think just about everybody who rides this incredible bike is going to feel like it was built just for them.”


The Indian Twin has a 1,133cc engine. However, that model costs 11,000 USD, which could be too expensive for some Tanzanians. Fortunately, the Indian Scout Sixty is much more affordable, and its 1,000cc engine is nearly as powerful as The Twin’s.


Polaris has only recently started selling Scout motorcycles in Africa. They started selling them in South Africa in 2014 and expanded into Tanzania shortly thereafter. However, the Indian Scout Sixty is quickly becoming one of Africa’s most popular motorcycles.


This is another great motorcycle to consider if you want a powerful engine without breaking the bank.


7.       MT-09 Tracer ABS


Yamaha released the MT-09 Tracer ABS in 2015. The new motorcycle became more popular than the company would have ever expected. It was rated the best motorcycle in the United Kingdom by Visor Down last year.


Visor Down reports that the MT-09 Tracer ABS is a remarkable motorcycle in many ways. It provides a very smooth ride and has a slick exterior.


This bike is considered an adventure bike, because it drives very well on back roads and in wooded areas. It can change speeds easily and requires little maintenance.


Yamaha is very proud of this remarkable motorcycle. Here’s an excerpt from its sales page:


“The Tracer 900 has been designed and built by like-minded people at Yamaha who are on the same wavelength as you. Driven by our latest generation, 3-cylinder crossplane engine, this agile Sport Tourer delivers thrilling performance together with ability to discover new places and new faces.”


While the MT-09 Tracer ABS was originally made for consumers in the UK, it also became a highly sought-after motorcycle in South Africa, Tanzania, and other African countries. It featured in 2014's Pirelli South African Bike of the Year, even though it didn’t hit the market until 2015.   


8.       YZF-R125 ABS


The YZF-R125 ABS was first released by Yamaha in 2007, but is still one of the best motorcycles the company has ever made. It’s a fabulous super sport motorcycle with a 125cc engine and amazing resilience.


According to experts from Total Motorcycle, there are a number of features that differentiate this classic bike from other Yamaha motorcycles:


  • Great durability
  • Exceptional fuel efficiency
  • Remarkable traction
  • Multi-function LCD instruments
  • Lightweight wheels
  • Forged aluminum rear brake pedals


If you want a high-performance sporting motorcycle, the YZF-R125 ABS is one of the best in its class.


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