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What place can you buy gadgets for a reasonably affordable price?

04/12/2020 Tips


Let us be honest, not every time you want to buy something like a smartphone or a laptop you go for a high-end brand new product. Sometimes you just need a second-hand gadget in good quality that can get things done. Or something with the price you are comfortable with.


When it comes to getting something you can afford, there is no other place you can think of than Kupatana. Kupatana offers a marketplace for people to sell products they no longer need but can be reused by others. These include furniture, electronics and more. While most companies on Kupatana sell new products, individual sellers tend to sell their own products that they no longer use. This includes someone replacing the old sofa with the new one and selling the old one — or someone wants to upgrade to a new version of smartphone and they decide to sell their current smartphone to add up to the budget.


I'm a big fan of second-hand shopping myself (for selected products, of course). I bought one laptop from the platform which was in good condition and I still use it until now.


Second-hand shopping can help you save money especially now that the economy is in a toilet. You don't want to break your bank account by buying a HP laptop for 900,000 Tshs while you can get one in good quality for 500,000 Tsh. There are plenty of them on Kupatana.


There are many people who want to sell a smartphone or a laptop for a reasonably low price, not because the item has some fault, mostly it is either because the seller wants to upgrade to a newer product or has a pressing matter that requires immediate cash. And that is your opportunity to get something you've always wanted for a price you can manage.


So before you opt for a brand new product in Kariakoo, make sure to check on Kupatana to see if there is one for an affordable price. There is always someone selling their newly purchased items at a slightly lower price.


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